Product Details & Information




EGOSmart’s Efalse machine is an innovative way to improve your material handling and transportation. Easily and automatically connected to our Co Trajectory AGV 101P, this add-on allows for multi-section, seamless towing. Using a one-track system, it operates in a train-like fashion, systematically retrieving and delivery materials.

Product Features & Benefits:

Innovative Track System: Redefining material transportation efficiency, the AGV 101P’s Efalse add-on features an innovative same-track, connecting rod small train. Experience multi-section towing with automatic connection, eliminating the need for a power drum. This ground breaking technology enhances operational continuity and streamlines material flow seamlessly.

Multi-Tractor Traction Mode: Versatility redefined! Tailor EGOSmart’s AGV 101P and Efalse machine to your specific operational needs, with their impressive compatibility for multi-tractor traction mode, giving users the flexibility to adapt varying load requirements and operational scenarios.

Warehousing Logistics and Production Line Material Transportation: This add-on machine is your strategic ally in optimizing warehouse logistics and material transportation on production lines. Seamlessly integrate EGOSmart’s Efalse, in conjuction with the Co Trajectory AGV 101P, into your workflow to experience a new level of efficiency and precision in material handling.

Product Sprecifications:

Feature Specification
Loading & Unloading Docking Method
Automatic delivery and retrieval of materials
Moving Direction
Advance, turn left, turn right
Connection Mode
Traction hook (automatic or semi-automatic)
Hooking Method
One drag three, four or six vehicles
Breaking Mode
Mechanical brake/electronic brake
Traction Load
Turning Radius
Battery Configuration
Lithium battery
Charging Method
Automatic/manual charging
Navigation Accuracy
Same Trajectory Accuracy
Alignment Method
Photoelectric positioning/laser positioning
Alarm Form
Editable music alarm
Safety Protection
Emergency stop button/obstacle detection sensor/mechanical anti-collision device
Navigation Mode
Magnetic/QR code/slam navigation
Communication Mode