Device Dispatching Centre

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Device Dispatching Centre (DDC)


Unleash the power of intelligent equipment management with EGOSmart’s cutting-edge Device Dispatching Center Software. This comprehensive solution is meticulously crafted to elevate your operational prowess, offering a suite of features designed to optimize efficiency and streamline your entire workflow.

Product Features & Benefits:

Intelligent Scheduling and Traffic Control: Transform your operations with precision scheduling. Navigate operational complexities effortlessly. EGOSmart’s Device Dispatching Center Software intelligently orchestrates the scheduling of equipment and helps manage the movement of equipment seamlessly.

Integrated Kanban System: Embrace efficiency through intelligent visual management. The Kanban system integrated into our software provides real-time insights into your workflow, facilitating streamlined communication and enhancing coordination across your entire operation.

Real-Time Monitoring: Stay connected at all times and gain a dynamic perspective of your facility. With remote real-time monitoring, keep a vigilant eye on your operations from the palm of your hand. Monitor equipment performance, track progress, and make informed decisions with unparalleled visibility.

Intelligent Management of Equipment: Elevate your equipment management strategy. EGOSmart’s software offers intelligent equipment management, ensuring that each asset is utilized to its full potential, contributing to a more efficient and cost-effective operation.

Material Calling System Management: Streamline material handling with precision. Our software incorporates a material calling system management feature, enhancing the coordination between equipment and materials for a synchronized and responsive workflow.

Intelligent Charging System: Optimize energy usage and efficiency. EGOSmart’s software includes an intelligent charging system, ensuring that your equipment is charged strategically, reducing downtime, and maximizing operational continuity.

Compatible Web Interface: User-friendly and accessible, EGOSmart’s software features a web-friendly interface for easy navigation and user interaction. Our software is compatible with various communication modes, ensuring adaptability to your existing communication infrastructure.