Traction Latency

Product Details & Information


Traction Latency AGV 803


Elevate your logistics and material flow efficiency to new heights with EGOSmart’s state-of-the-art Traction Latency AGV 803. Designed for optimal bidirectional movement, this latent AGV redefines flexibility, boasting a small turning radius and an impressive load capacity. This machine can travel in both directions, offers a small turning radius and large load capacity.

This product is widely used in the automobile, electronics, and logistics industries, to automatically lift, hook or drop. It is suitable for one-way, as well as multi-directional walking.

Product Features & Benefits:

Inventive Design: Experience logistics fluidity like never before. This incredible machine offers flexible movement capabilities and a small turning radius, allowing users to navigate diverse warehouse layouts effortlessly. Flexibly maneuvering through your facility, the Traction Latency AGV 803 helps optimize every inch of available space, without compromising on performance.

Bidirectional Latency: The Traction Latency AGV 803 is your answer to seamless logistics in both directions. With the ability to travel bidirectionally, this machine offers unparalleled adaptability, ensuring your material flow remains dynamic and responsive to your evolving operational needs.

Large Load Capacity: Efficiency meets capacity! The AGV 803 is engineered to handle substantial loads, ensuring that your material flow remains robust even during peak operational periods. Streamline your logistics with confidence, knowing that this vehicle can shoulder heavy responsibilities with ease.

Adaptive Technology: EGOSmart’s commitment to innovation is evident in the AGV 803’s adaptive technology. Stay ahead of logistics challenges with a solution that evolves alongside your business, offering the adaptability required to thrive in a dynamic marketplace.

Product Sprecifications:

Feature Specification
L1780 x W460 x H335
Navigation Mode
Magnetic navigation (can be customized)
Moving Direction
Advance, turn left, turn right
Connection Mode
Automatic hook-up
Driving Mode
Differential drive
Traction Load
1000kg (can be customized)
Turning Radius
Battery Configuration
Lithium battery
Ability to Climb
Stop Accuracy
Charging Method
Automatic/manual charging
Safety Sensing
The maximal sensing range ≤4m
Alarm Form
Editable music alarm
Safety Protection
Emergency stop button/obstacle detection sensor/mechanical anti-collision device
Control Form
DDC system + PLC program
Environment of Use
-10° to 50°