Traction Latency

Product Details & Information


Traction Latency AGV 801


Unlock unparalleled logistics and material flow optimization with EGOSmart’s cutting-edge Traction Latency EGO-AGV-801. Engineered for seamless unidirectional movement, this advanced AGV is the ultimate solution for overcoming challenges in logistics, particularly in one-way walking scenarios. This machine will create efficiencies in your operations, lessening the need for human intervention and complex path scheduling.

This product is widely used in the automobile, electronics, and logistics industries, to automatically lift, hook or drop.

Product Features & Benefits

Innovative Design: Adaptability is at the core of EGOSmart’s logistics solutions. The Traction Latency AGV 801 offers high flexibility and trafficability. Steering wheel-driven, it offers a small turning radius, making it easier to maneuver tight spaces. It’s also highly modular and easy to maintain.

Unidirectional Latency: Say goodbye to the hassles of managing mixed operational scenarios, as this automated guided vehicle effortlessly follows a defined path, optimizing efficiency in your material flow.

Path Scheduling Simplicity: Boost productivity and minimize operational barriers with the intelligence of this machine, designed to tackle intricate path scheduling challenges ensuring a smooth and efficient flow of materials within your facility.

Safety Protection: This machine was designed with safety in mind. It is sensitive to sound and light and offers a built-in obstacle avoidance sensor, mechanical anti-collision functionality, and emergency stop button.

Product Sprecifications:

Feature Specification
L1450 x W480 x H315
Navigation Mode
Magnetic navigation (can be customized)
Moving Direction
Advance, turn left, turn right
Connection Mode
Automatic hook-up
Driving Mode
Differential drive
Traction Load
500kg (can be customized)
Turning Radius
Battery Configuration
Lithium battery
Ability to Climb
Stop Accuracy
Charging Method
Automatic/manual charging
Safety Sensing
The maximal sensing range ≤4m
Alarm Form
Editable music alarm
Safety Protection
Emergency stop button/obstacle detection sensor/mechanical anti-collision device
Control Form
DDC system + PLC program
Environment of Use
-10° to 50°