Forklift 351

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Forklift 351

Forklift 351


Experience a new era in forklift technology with EGOSmart’s Forklift 351, a powerhouse designed to redefine efficiency in material handling. Packed with cutting-edge features, this forklift is poised to revolutionize your warehouse operations with its slam mode simplicity and versatile application across various scenarios.

Product Features & Benefits:

Strong Simplicity: Say goodbye to over-complicated machinery! The Forklift 351 introduces a ‘slam mode’ that makes maintenance a breeze. Enjoy easy upkeep and minimize downtime, ensuring your forklift is always ready to tackle the demands of your dynamic warehouse environment.

Impressive Pickup Height: Reach new heights in material handling with the Forklift 351, boasting a pickup height of up to 6 meters. This machine provides the flexibility to access and transport materials efficiently across various warehouse configurations. Elevate your operations with a forklift designed to reach for success.

Versatile Application Scenes: From standard pallets to large volumes of material flow, the Forklift 351 thrives in diverse application scenarios. Seamlessly integrate this forklift into your operations, whether you’re managing the warehousing of standard pallets, handing a substantial material flow, or facilitating the inbound and outbound movement of raw materials.

Large Volume of Material Flow: Elevate your material handling capacity with the Forklift 351. Whether you’re dealing with high volumes of products or managing large-scale material flow, this forklift is the key to enhancing efficiency and productivity in your warehouse.

Product Sprecifications:

Feature Specification
L2020 x W1000 x H2180mm
Navigation Mode
Laser navigation
Moving Direction
Advance, turn left, turn right
Connection Mode
Fork lifting
Communication Mode
Wifi or Zigbee
Traction Load
1500kg (can be customized)
Turning Radius
Driving Method
Single steering
Battery Configuration
Lithium battery
Charging Method
Automatic/manual charging
Stop Accuracy
Ability to Climb
Safety Sensing
The maximum sensing range ≤4m
Alarm Form
Editable music alarm
Safety Protection
Emergency stop button/obstacle detection sensor/mechanical anti-collision device
Control Form
DDC system + PLC program
Environment of Use
-10° to 50°
Relative Humidity
30% -90% (without condensation)