Co Trajectory AGV

Product Details & Information


Co Trajectory AGV – 101P


Transform your material handling operations with EGOSmart’s Co Trajectory AGV 101P. From its robust traction force to advanced safety features, this AGV is engineered to meet the demands of modern industrial environments. Using the same track, these devices are connected by a small train rod, offering multi-section towing. Upgrade to Co Trajectory, a game-changing solution for warehousing logistics and material transportation on production lines.

Engineered with precision and innovation, this AGV sets the standard for reliability, safety, and versatility in diverse industrial scenarios.

Pair with EGOSmart’s Efalse machine and witness your material transportation transform in front of your eyes!

Product Features & Benefits:

Robust Traction Force: Power through logistics challenges with confidence! The Co Trajectory AGV 101P boasts a formidable traction force, ensuring smooth and efficient material transportation. From heavy loads to dynamic operational demands, this machine stands strong, delivering unparalleled performance.

Advanced Safety Settings: Elevate workplace safety with Co Trajectory’s commitment to cutting-edge technology. The AGV 101P is equipped with a laser obstacle sensor, providing real-time hazard detection. Coupled with laser driving tips and a 360 panoramic driving record, this AGV ensures a secure operational environment, mitigating risks and enhancing overall safety.

Wide Industry Applicability: This machine transcends industry boundaries, finding its place in the automotive, electronics, logistics, and various other sectors. Seamlessly integrate this AGV into your workflow to experience a new level of efficiency and precision in material handling.

Product Sprecifications:

Feature Specification
L1080 x W700 x H800
Navigation Mode
Magnetic navigation/laser navigation/visual navigation/composite navigation
Moving Direction
Advance, turn left, turn right
Connection Mode
Traction hook
Driving Mode
Single steeling wheel
Traction Load
4500kg (can be customized)
Turning Radius
Battery Configuration
Lithium battery
Ability to Climb
Stop Accuracy
Charging Method
Automatic/manual charging
Safety Sensing
The maximum sensing range ≤4m
Alarm Form
Editable music alarm
Safety Protection
Emergency stop button/obstacle detection sensor/mechanical anti-collision device
Control Form
DDC system + PLC program
Environment of Use
-10° to 50°